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A Step In Time

6th & 8th November 2013, AR2, Students' Union 

With songs from the modern day and going all the way back to the turn of the century, MTB took a step in time and performed musical favourites such as songs from 'Once' to 'Guys and Dolls' and 'Les Misérables'.







Jack Reitman

Julia Sequeira

Mary-Clare Ridge

Abigail Le Fevre

Rachel Thomas

Natalie Yeap 

Sam Leggett

Jamie Rahman

Ross Hoey

Ellie Jackson

Charlie Stott

L-J Keston

Holly Wellington

Hannah Kendall

Merryl Ansah

Ella Martin

David Lowe

Marie Phillips

Ally Watson

Hayley Guest

Luke Ward

India Marlow-Prince

Kaitlin Farnfield

Vanessa Shields

Harrison Clark

Rory Hill

Owen Petty



Director/Producer-  Hannah Armstrong

Director/Producer - Genevieve Morris

Musical Director - Lydia Bell

Poster design - Hannah Armstrong



Piano - Paddy Pamment

Bass - Joe Brown

Guitar - Russ Machin

Drums - George Jones

Flute - Rosa Attree

Saxophone - Georgia King


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