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Annie: 48 Hour Musical
23rd April 2023, The Winston Theatre

Join us for our last show of the year, Annie: The 48-Hour Musical. Our cast and crew worked tirelessly over one weekend to assemble this show!


Annie- Becky Stanton

Warbucks- Divvij Yajnik

Grace- Nel Willmer

Miss Hannigan- Ava Hincks

Rooster- Ollie Binnie

Lily- Lucy Tytherleigh

Drake/ Sandy- Jess Green

Star to Be- Rebecca Fenner

Molly- Shelly Fuxman

Tessie- Grace Anderson

Roosevelt/ Bundles/ Dogcatcher- Jules Francoise Dudley

Bert Healy- Owen Perry

Pepper- Ruby Reich

Duffy- Kenneth de Leon

July- Nepheli Velissariou

Bobbie- Emily Fox

Betty- Rachel Bronnert

Kate- Freya Noonan

Ronnie/ Perkins- Charlotte Addy

Bonnie/ Morganthau- Anthony

Connie/ Mrs Greer- Flora Froment

Ickes/ Ass Dog Catcher- Arabella Fraser

Cecille/ Hull- Freya Fewtrell

Mrs Pugh/ NYC Solo- Lucy Ash

Ward/ Wacky- Lili Szigeti

Cop/ Police- Fergus Robertson

Creatives & Production

Director- Jessie Millson

Assistant Director/ Wellbeing- Beccy Smart

Assistant Director- Issy Davy

Choreographers- Alive Fenton and Eve Bird

Vocal Director- Isla Flett

Musical Director- Ellie Bell

Assistant Musical Director- Amaan Hussain

Producer- Evie Rutter

Shadow Choreographer- Alannah Grant


MD/ Keys- Ellie Bell

Bass- Kasia Isherwood

Trumpet- Katy Ross

Keys- Ben Sternberg

Guitar- Dan Wilkinson

Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet/ Alto Sax- Anna Harris

Flute- Lucy Coleman

Alto Sax/ Tenor Sax/ Clarinet- Patrick Willis

Alto Sax/ Sop Sax- Max Gerard

Clarinet/ Bari Sax- James Kerr


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