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A Disney Cabaret: Online Cabaret

19th, 26th November & 3rd December 2020


  • YouTube

MTB presents a three part series celebrating some of Disney's greatest songs performed by our members. Head to our YouTube channel  'Music Theatre Bristol' to watch!


Episode 1:

Alessia Doyle

Aoife Beer

Scott Stokes

Vivien Aboud

Cam Browne

Jay Piamjariyakul

Shelly Fuxman

Episode 2:

Haziqah Ilina

Marine Saint

Victoria Ingrams

Jessie Mante

 Naomi Fallon

Katarina Easterbrook

Zack Richards

Episode 3:

Rebecca Coleman

Zoe Giffen

Roshan Ark

Lily Follett

Mark Ngu

Adele Carr

Nicole Antoine

Juliette Dudley


Directors- Nieve Fay, Evie Rutter, Nell Cox, Mikey Galvin, Esme Cooper
Editing- Harry Clements

Graphics- Abi Wander

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