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20th–23rd April 2016, The Pegg Theatre


‘It could be like breathing…’
MTB is excited to present the final show of the year, ‘EDGES’ the quirky, touching song cycle by Pasek and Paul performed in the Bristol Student Union’s Pegg Studio Theatre.
Set in our present age of Facebook stalking and the pressures of growing up, EDGES is a vibrant collection of songs linked by various themes that are relatable to all! We follow seven actors who sing of the hilarity and struggles of what it is to feel jealous of your siblings, to want horrible things to happen to your ex, to broach the fears of becoming older and much more!  
Featuring songs such as ‘Lying There’, ‘In short’ and ‘Like Breathing’, there are countless styles of music in here ranging from heartfelt solo ballads, to powerhouse ensemble numbers filled with glorious harmonies guaranteed to stand the hairs up on the back of your neck. So expect everything from tears to fits of laughter and back again!! 

Rachel Clements
Bertie Fisher
Yasemin Gezer
Eleanor Leaper
Seun Oyeleye
Ben Skingsley


Director - Hope Cotterill
Assistant Director - Holly Murphy
Producer - Hannah Wisher
Assistant Producer - Harriet Wells
Musical Director - George Leggett
Musical Supervisor  - Guy Barlow

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