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High School Musical: A 48 Hour Musical!

9th October 2022, The Pegg Theatre


"What team? WILDCATS! What team? WILDCATS! What team? WILDCATS! Wildcats? Getcha' Head in the Game!"

Our first show of the year went off with a bang, with tickets selling out in a record breaking 40 seconds! The cast worked tirelessly over the weekend and produced a slick performance that you wouldn't believe only took 48 hours to put together!

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Troy Bolton - Jessie Milson
Gabriella Montez - Annabella Dawkins

Sharpay Evans- Jess Green

Ryan Evans- Josh Simango
Chad Danforth- Tilly Southam
Taylor McKessie- Shelly Fuxman

Ms. Darbus- Mia Rudden

Coach Bolton- Tom Wilson-Dowdeswell

Jack Scott- Grace Anderson

Kelsi Nielsen- Naama Brittenden
Zeke Baylor- Alice Fenton

Jason Cross- Reese Glassar

Principal/ Alex- Isla Flett

Emcee- Lucy Ash

Mrs. Montez/ Martha- Sophie Stenning

Drama Kids/ Geeks- Lauren Somerville

                                   Owen Perry

                                   Leo Erlewyn-Lajeunesse

                                   Anya Grayson

                                   Tobias England

Keys 2- James Tudor

Bass- Ben Sternberg

Guitar- Henry Giudici

Drums- Andy Miller

Creatives & Production

Director - Juliette Dudley

Assistant Director- Becky Stanton

Choreographers- Evie Rutter and Freya-Beth Thompson
Producer - Peter Shield
Vocal Coach- Grace Shropshire

Musical Director/Keys 1- Ellie Bell


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