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Jukebox Heroes: A Musical Cabaret

3rd-5th November 2016, Clifton Hill House JCR

Come and watch Music Theatre Bristol's first show of the year, 'Jukebox Heroes', in the Clifton Hill House JCR! Expect an evening of your favourite numbers from jukebox musicals, such as 'Mamma Mia!', 'Jersey Boys', 'We Will Rock You!', and many more, reinterpreted by some of MTB's most amazing performers on this incredible stage! You don't want to miss out on this!

Jukebox Heroes


Yasemin Gezer

Joe Pickin

Jo Parker

Matt Boyle

Seun Oyeleye

Tilly Shoul

Favio Owenbridge

Erica Flint

Emily Khatib

Sion Mattey

Rachel Clements

Ben Skingsley

Sophy Taylor

Hannah Wisher

Eleanor Leaper

Elliot Brett

Anna Berman

Ben Orr

Harriet Kelley

Darcey Ridgway-Brown

Tom Younger

Zofia Duffy

Ashley Hodgson

Rory Bayliss-Chalmers

Georgia Stewardson

Phoebe Hirst

Milly Cashman


Director - Nathan Sames

Producer - Ed Walker, Hope Cotterill

Musical Director - Harry Nicholson

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