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Lights, Music, Action!: A Cabaret

19th–20th November 2015, Cliton Hill House JCR

It's here.... the moment you've all been waiting for... MTB's first show of the year... LIGHTS, MUSIC, ACTION!
Come along on either Thursday 19th or Friday 20th to Clifton Hill House's JCR for an evening of magical, musical entertainment featuring songs from the soundtracks of some of your favourite films, such as Moulin Rouge, Sister Act, Shrek, Hairspray and many, many more!

Rachel Clements
Lily Dyble
Hope Cotterill
Alice Tyler
Tara Sehmi
Jessica Tham
Mhairi Angus
Zoe Sadler
Christopher Georgiou
Jamie Rahman
Matthew Belsey
Ben Skingsley
Laura Campbell
Eleanor Leaper
Hannah Wisher
Aliak Bedirian
Alex Stephenson
Olivia Aaron
Rachel Thomas
Julia Bird
Zofia Duffy
Stephen Roberts
Emily MacAllister
Beatrice Born
India Marlow-Prince
Rory Bayliss-Chalmers
Sylvie Briggs
Luke Ward


Director/Producers - Hannah Armstrong, Merryl Ansah
Musical Directors - Harriet Wells, Hannah Richardson

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