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'Merrily We Scroll Along': Online Cabaret

22nd, 29th November & 6th, 13th, 20th December 2020


  • YouTube

MTB presents a five part series featuring our talented members singing some of their favourite musical theatre songs. Head to our YouTube channel 'Music Theatre Bristol' to watch!


Episode 1:

Ava Hincks

Aaron Prewer-Jenkinson

Aoife Beer

Rosa Mckay

Madeleine Morgan

Episode 2:

Jay Piamjariyakul

Mia Albel Stevenson

Seb Waddington

Shelly Fuxman

Episode 3:

Narissa Jewa

Cam Browne

Rebecca Coleman

Alistair Manclark

Alice Smethurst

Episode 4:

Helena Lee

Haziqah Shahari

Emily Hall

Kiera Stevens

Episode 5:

Cameron Mcgregor

Nell Cox

Aashna Bali

Caleb Evans


Producers- Harry Clements, Nieve Fay

Editing By- Harry Clements

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