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The Newbies' Cabaret

28th November 2019, Bristol Improv Theatre

For one night only, join us at the Bristol Improv Theatre for the FIRST EVER MTB Newbies Cabaret, produced, directed, and performed by Music Theatre Bristol's freshers!

With songs ranging from Hairspray to Little Shop of Horrors to Mamma Mia, and a bar that's open for business, there's something for everyone.


Producers - Sasha Eastabrook (exec), Ben White (exec), Anouk Mulder

Directors - Anouk Mulder, Juliette Dudley, Hazel Lee, Tara Smith, Abi Wander

Choreographers - Juliette Dudley, Seehe Ahn


Anouk Mulder

Abbie James

Abi Wander

Aoife Beer

Blythe White

Cameron Browne

Evie Rutter

Hazel Lee

Helen Taylor

India Gale

Jasmine Bingham

Juliette Dudley

Katarina Easterbrook

Mark Ngu

Mikey Galvin

Millie Felix

Nathan Langford

Nicole Antoine

Poppy Whittaker

Rebecca Coleman

Ryan Blyth

Sam Sayan

Scott Stokes

Sehee Ahn

Tara Smith

Trinity Taylor

Vivien Aboud

Zoe Fisher

Zoe Freeman

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