Reefer Madness

13th-20th August 2016 @ Venue 45

22nd-27th August 2016 @ Niddry Street


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Impromptu Productions proudly present Reefer Madness at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a show about the hilarious journey of two clean-cut kids' descent into a drug crazed abandon of marijuana, ‘evil’ jazz music, sex and violence. This dynamic, highly stylised and satirical musical(originally inspired by the 1936 American anti-marijuana film of the same name) features big, bold Broadway-style showstoppers, slick swing numbers and debaucherous jazz – something to tantalise everyone's taste buds! Don't miss this spectacle tracking the tragic truth of the menace that is marijuana – it will go straight to your head!

Impromptu Productions is a Bristol-based musical theatre company, born in 2013, which specialises in new writings and the undiscovered gems of musical theatre. Reefer Madness was our first show, performed in May 2013 at the Bristol Fringe Bierkeller Theatre. 


Jimmy Harper - Jamie Dodd
Mary Lane - Rachel Clements
Lecturer - Adam Stanford
Mae Coleman - Yasemin Gezer
Jack Stone, Jesus - Nathan Sames
Sally Debains - Jo Parker 
Ralph Wiley - Carlos Sandin 
Miss Poppy - Alice Tyler
Baby - Erica Flint
Ensemble - Edward Walker, Ashley Hodgson and Joseph Pickin



Producer - Hannah Armstrong
Artistic Director - Edouard Gallais
Director - Merryl Ansah
Choreographer - Marco Andreas Lissoni
Musical Directors - Harry Loble and Harriet Wells
Stage Manager - Emma Morse
Sound - Ben Smith
Assistant Producers - Harry Loble, Harriet Wells, Helena Napier, Jo Parker, Ellie Harris


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