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We Will Rock You: The 48 Hour Musical 4.0

5th May 2019, Bristol Improv Theatre


The show has been kept secret throughout the audition process. The actors will only find out what they'll be performing on Friday evening and they will have 48 hours to rehearse an entire musical from scratch, singing and dancing, for a one-night only performance on Sunday 5th May!


Galileo - Sam Walter

Scaramouche - Kathryn Case

Pop - Ben Harwood

Killer Queen - Alice Smethurst

Khashoggi - Tommy Carron

Brit - Angus Black

Meat - Adèle Carr



Mingma Hughes

Will Bailey

Elin Gilbert

Harry Nicholson

Liv Younger

Lucy O'Neill

Ottie Clouston

Roshan Ark

Catt Hurman

Sasha Narraway

Laura Odemwingie

Harry Clements

Nieve Fay

Maurice Brook

Rhiddi Batt



Directors - Ben White, Matt Boyle
Musical Directors - Lowri Howell, Ellie Bunce

Producers - Ben White, Matt Boyle, Fintan Kealy
Choreographers - Matt Boyle, Alice Smethurst, Ben White, Ruth Wormington


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