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West Side Story

24th–27th February 2016, The Winston Theatre


‘When love comes so strong, there is no right or wrong.’
New York. 1955. A neighbourhood is tainted with conflict between two street gangs; the American ‘Jets’ and the Puerto Rican ‘Sharks’. Neither can coexist with any form of understanding as they battle for territory and respect. But when former Jet leader Tony meets young Puerto-Rican Maria at a dance everything changes. Is their love doomed for failure? Or does true love conquer all? 
With the original production in 1957 being nominated for six Tony Awards and later being turned into an Academy Award winning film, West Side Story has cemented itself as a true classic. Combining a heart wrenching tale of passion and desire with a beautiful and unforgettable score, West Side Story is a tour de force of musical theatre. 

Maria - Lily Dyble
Tony - Luke Ward

Riff - Nathan Sames
Action - Alex Stephenson
A-Rab - Jack Reitman
Baby John and Snowboy - Liv Aaron
Diesel - Sion Mattey
Tiger (/Glad Hand)- Phoebe Simmonds
Anybodys - Olivia Marcus
Graziella - Georgia Stewardson
Velma - Gabby Cooper
Minnie - Jo Parker
Pauline - Rachel Clements
Bernardo - Lourenco Neves
Anita - Jude Mack
Chino - Christopher Georgiou
Pepe - Favio Owenbridge 
Juano - Angus Roughly
Rosalia - Zofia Duffy
Consuelo - Merryl Ansah
Francisca - Leah Weerasinghe
Teresita - Yasemin Gezer
Estrella - Elle Illingworth
Doc - Tom Carron
Schrank - Ashley Hodgeson
Krupke/Somewhere Girl - Mhairi Angus
Glad Hand (/Tiger) - Phoebe Simmonds


Director - Jamie Dodd
Producer - Cindy McLean-Bibby
Choreographer - Marco Andreas Lissoni
Assistant Director - Hannah Armstrong
Musical Director - Ben Smith
Vocal Coach - Finlay White

Artwork - Sacha Beeley

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