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 24th-26th November 2016, Winston Theatre


Not content with one musical, we have a feast of extracts from SEVEN different musicals ready for your entertainment. With well loved classics and stellar new writing, get ready for an evening of riotous dance numbers, raucous comedy and outstanding performances!

Featuring 40 actors and 10 directors, this is MTB’s largest production yet, so don’t miss out on what promises to be a spectacular show!


Executive Director - Hope Cotterill

Producers - Alex Stephenson, Ben Skingsley

Musical Directors - George Leggett, Ruaridh Wilkinson

Rehearsal Pianists - Ellie Bunce, Alex Roberts

Arrangments - George Leggett, Ruaridh Wilkinson, Xan Gill, Andee Liu, Harry Haden-Brown

Showcase 16
Kiss Me Kate
Director: Mingma Hughes
Choreographer: Becky Smith
Hattie - Megan Good
Wardrobe Mistress - Rachel Turner
Doorman - Stanford
Carpenter - Joe Pickin
Electrician - Rory Bayliss-Chalmers
Lili - Aisling Jackson-Cousin
Bill - Ben Harwood
Louis - Jazz Zervos
Asst Electrician - Peter Borsada
Claudia Posada
Olivia Gibbs-Fairley
Julia Needham
Will Feakes
Louisa Chowns
Ellie Buckingham
Sarah Powell
Director: Naomi Adedokun
King Arthur - Benji Beer
Dennis Galahad - Tom Younger
Mrs Galahad - Cameron Scheijde
Lady of the Lake - Charlie Walker
Patsy - Sion Mattey
Directors: Becky Smith, Harry Wheeler

Billy Flynn - Nathan Sames

Roxie Hart - Layla Madanat

Mary Sunshine - Olivia Aaron
Amos Hart - Alex Knapman
Announcer - Stan Ford



Claudia Posada

Ellie Buckingham

Elliot Brett

Erica Flint

Favio Owenbridge

Gaby Cooper

Georgia Stewardson

James Stevens

Jazz Zervos
Jo Parker

Rachel Turner

Rory Bayliss-Chalmers

Tom Younger

Italian Idol
Directors: Talia Goldman, Hannah Wisher (Ass.)
Joey Boiardi - Matt Boyle
Frederico 'Fix' Xanto - Favio Owenbridge
Louisa Boiardi - Mhairi Angus
Giovanna/The Taker - Aisling Jackson-Cousin
Eugenia/The Charmer - Alice Tyler
Luciano/The Lock - Benji Beer
Alfonso/The Maker - Ed Walker
Giacomo/The Lackey - Elliot Brett
Damiano/The Collector - James Stevens
Alegra/The Finder - Jo Parker
Constantina/The Eyes - Layla Madanat
Ignazio/The Embezzler - Nathan Sames
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Director: Phoebe Simmonds
Brad - Rory Bayliss-Chalmers
Janet - Olivia Aaron
Franknfurter - Stanford
Jo Parker
Layla Madanat

Legally Blonde
Director: Hannah Wisher
Choreographer: Tommy Carron

Elle Woods - Ella Martin

Kate - Charlie Walker

Pilar - Ellie Buckingham​

Margot - Georgia Stewardson

Serena - Erica Flint

Grand Master Chad - Joe Pickin

Mr Woods - Matt Boyle

Mrs Woods - Rachael Mailer

Winthropp - Ben Harwood

Pforzheimer - Will Feakes


Alex Knapman

Gabby Cooper

James Stevens

Olivia Strafford

Rachel Turner

Tilly Shoul

Directors: Lily Dyble, Rachel Clements

Matilda - Louisa Chowns

Thrunchball - Stanford


Alice Tyler

Erica Flint

Favio Owenbridge

Gabby Cooper

Georgia Stewardson

Jo Parker

Joe Pickin

Layla Madanat

Matt Boyle

Olivia Aaron

Olivia Strafford

Sarah Powell

Sion Mattey

Tamsin Simpson

Tilly Shoul

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