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Grease: The 48 Hour Musical 3.0

14th October 2018, Pegg Studio Theatre


The show has been kept secret throughout the audition process. The actors have only just found out what they'll be performing and they will have 48 hours to rehearse an entire musical from scratch, singing and dancing, for a one-night only performance on Sunday 14th October.

Hint: It was Grease but the marketing was done AFTER we found out...


Sandy Olsen - Ottie Clouston

Danny Zuko - Oscar Andrusier

Kenickie - Sam Walter

Doody - Harry Clements

Roger - Robbie Armstrong

Sonny - Tommy Carron

Rizzo - Alessia Doyle

Frenchy - Emma Wall

Marty - Lottie Regan

Jan - Rhiannon Chard

Vince Fontaine - Rory Hill

Cha-Cha - Catt Hurman

Eugene - Will Bailey

Patty Simcox - Laura Verrecchia

Teen Angel - Jack Prowse

Principal McGee - Charlotte Smith

Blanche - Elena Clarke

Coach Calhoun - Harry Nicholson

Mrs Murdock - Rosie Boyce



Clemmie Borthwick

Naomi Fallon

Sophie Mayhew

Kathryn Case

Charlie Mitchell

Michael Canning


grease cover

Directors - Rachel Xuereb, Grace Chatsuwan
Musical Directors - Lowri Howell, Charlie Hobdell

Producers - Sasha Eastabrook, Faith Donner 
Choreographers - Alice Smethurst, Adele Carr
Asst Stage Manager/Asst Producer - Elysia Beaumont

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