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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat: The 48 Hour Musical 2.0

4th March 2018, Pegg Studio Theatre


The show has been kept secret throughout the audition process. The actors don't know what they'll be performing and they will have 48 hours to rehearse an entire musical from scratch, singing and dancing, for a one-night only performance on Sunday 4th March.


Joseph - Harry Nicholson

Narrators - Adèle Carr, Charlie Walker, Rachel Clements, Yasemin Gezer

Jacob/Pharaoh - Liam Carty-Howe

Potiphar - Tom Carron

Mrs. Potiphar - Jazz Zervos

Benjamin - Will Bryant


Alessia Doyle

Rachel Xuereb

Angus Firth

Ben Harwood

Georgia Stewardson

Erica Flint

Charlie Mitchell

Ed Walker

Elliot Brett

Felix Dickenson

George Mignano

Hugo Soer

Lottie Regan

Megan Cash

Rachael Mailer

Robbie Armstrong

Tilly Shoul


Directors - Matt Boyle, Dan Durkin

Musical Directors - Eleanor Leaper, Fintan Kealy

Choreographers - KateDevine

Producers - Alex Stephenson, Laura Verrecchia

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