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No Mind: An Original New Musical

28th-29th April 2018, Pegg Studio Theatre


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How do you know which thoughts are your own? This fast-paced original musical is set in a high-tech near-future where advertisements take a new form. A rollercoaster of humour and tragedy, 'No Mind' explores how the manipulative grip of new technology on the minds of Nova's loved ones threatens them and everything they know. Think 'Black Mirror' the Musical.


Nova - Rachel Xuereb

Clarke - Stephen Downey

Freddie - Alex Stephenson

Julie - Megan Good

Suzie - Oli Grant

AI1 - Orla Webster

AI2 - Alessia Doyle

AI3 - Rachel Turner



Louisa Chowns

Sasha Eastabrook

Julia Needham

Abi Towle

Mingma Hughes

Will Bailey

Ben White

Alice Smethurst

Chrissy Lightowler

George Mignano

Luke Silverman


Director - Sinéad Davies

Assistant Director - Louis Fleury

Musical Director - Ellie Bunce, Harry Nicholson

Producer/Stage Manager - Dharapa Pattanakul

Assistant Stage Manager - Lucy O'Neill

Writer - Sinéad Davies

Marketing - Liam Carty-Howe, Ostin D'Silva

Costume & Props - Maria Veyrat

Choreographer - Rachel Clements, Daisy Hall


No Mind Cover
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