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Sunday in the Park with George

7th-10th December 2011, Lady Windsor Studio Theatre


Sunday in the Park with George is one of Sondheim's most popular musicals. It was performed in the Lady Windsor Studio Theatre in December 2011.



Georges Seurat/George - Fred Ward

Dot/Marie - Sarah Brown

Jules/Bob Greenberg - Matt Lister

Yvonne/Blair Daniels - Tess Annan

Old Lady/Elaine - Alice Turner

Nurse/Mrs America/Naomi Elsen - L-J Keston

Celeste #1/Betty - Lucie Chapman

Celeste #2/Waitress - Elle Daniel

Soldier/Louis/Alex - Tom Rawlinson

Boatman/Charles Redmond - Marty McDowell

Franz/Mr America/Dennis - Adam Farrell

Frieda/Harriet Pawling - Issy Inchbald

Louise/Billy Webster - Hayley Guest



Co-Directors - Christina Tedders, Eleanor Henderson

Musical Director - Ronan Shiels

Assistant Musical Directors - Lucy Armstrong, Ronan Shiels

Co-Producers - Hayley Brand, Sam Le Roux

Assistant Producer/Props Mistress - Ali Edmondson


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