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Gypsy: A Musical Fable

1st- 4th February 2023, The Winston Theatre


A Note from the Director:

When this show was first put to me in summer last year, I wondered if doing such a mammoth pieve as Gypsy would present insurmountable challenges. The show isn't as widely known outside of Musical Theatre circles, and the plot is gritty. However, every hurdle we've taken on the chin; dare I say with vim, verve, and nerve! While this process has not been easy, I've had a complete blast and the obstacles we faced along the way only fuelled us to go on to create something truly wonderfukl.


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Rose- Abigail Wander

Louise- Madeleine Morgan

Herbie- Finley Carty-Howe

June- Serafina Bird

Tulsa- Tom Wilson-Dowdeswell

Baby June- Mia Rudden

Baby Lousie/ Cigar- Becky Stanton

Mazeppa- Jasmine Sakpoba

Tessie Tura- Lilia Dandache

Electra- Freya Fewtrell

Yonkers- Tilly Southam

Angie- Marine Saint

East St.Louis/ Pastey- Olivia Churchouse

L.A- Lottie Houghton

Uncle Jocko- Jessie Milson

Agnes/ Balloon Girl- Grace Shropshire

Dolores/ Kringelein- Sophia Woolfenden

Thelma- Jess Green

Gail- Reese Glassar

Marjorie May- Aoibh McCann

Renee- Beccy Smart

Pop- Leo Erlewyn-Lajeunesse

Newsboy- Lucy Ash

Burlesque Performers- Isabella Thathapudi

                                        Rae McQueen

Miss Cratchitt- Annabella Dawkins

Mr Goldstone/ Georgie- Josh Simango


Keys- Rachel Swales 

Keys 2- Ben Sternberg

Trumpet- Alex Hyde

Trumpet- Ross

Trombone- Billy Crook

French Horn- Tom Lofmark

Percussion 1- Alice Loughran

Percussion 2- Jonah Brown

Violin 1- Toby England

Viola- Raphael Geldsetzer

Cello- Poppy Walters

Bass- Kasia Isherwood

Clarinet- Anna Harris

Tenor Sax/ Clarinet- Alice Voisey-Smith

Alto Sax/ Clarinet- Patrick Willis

Baritone Sax- Nicole Chiang

Flue/Piccolo/ Clarinet/ Alto Sax- Sophie Winfield

Creatives & Production

Director- Sam Sayan 

Assistant Directors- Esia Forsyth and Evie Rutter

Shadow Director- Issy Davey

Vocal Director- Walter Hall

Musical Director- Madeleine Warren

Assistant Musical Directors- David Simkins and Ben Sternberg

Choreographers- Eve Bird and Alice Fenton

Assistant Choreographer- Grace Anderson

Producer- evie Rutter

Executive Producers- Olivia Proctor and Peter Shield

Shadow Producer/ Props Manager- Ava Hincks

Costume Manager- emily Fox

Costume Assistants- Orla Whelan and Ariela Marks-Woldman

Costume Designer- Ziggy Cooper

Hair and Makeup- Grace Shropshire, Tillia Laing and Lucie Newport

Marketing Manager- Madeleine Morgan

Marketing Assistant- Abigail Wander

Photographer- Rebecca Smart


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