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Mamma Mia! The 48 Hour Musical

8th October 2017, Pegg Studio Theatre


The show has been kept secret throughout the audition process. The actors won't know what they'll be performing until the morning of this Saturday! They then have 48 hours to rehearse an entire musical from scratch, singing and dancing, for a one-night only performance on Sunday 8th October.

Hint: It was Mamma Mia but the marketing was all done before we found out...


Donna Sheridan - Adèle Carr

Sophie Sheridan - Lottie Regan

Tanya Cresham-Leigh - Yasemin Gezer

Sam Carmichael - Dave Jones

Harry Bright - Alex Stephenson

Bill Austin - Favio Owenbridge

Rosie Mulligan - Alessia Doyle

Sky - Sam Walter

Ali - Laura Verrecchia

Lisa - Emma Wall

Pepper - Matt Boyle



Ed Walker

Matt Belsey

Harry Nicholson

Jazz Zervos

Will Deasy

Erica Flint

Nathan Sames

Tilly Shoul

Cressida Bullough

Beatrice Born

Catt Hurman


Director - Eleanor Leaper

Assistant Director - Rachael Mailer

Musical Directors - Harry Loble, Jen Statham

Choreographers - Rachel Clements, Georgia Stewardson

Producers - Naomi Adedokun, Stasia Kudryashova


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